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Bacon Vodka Frozen in the Jar
A couple of months ago I posted a recipe for Bacon Vodka, and that was the first time I'd actually made it myself. Too impatient to wait the 6 weeks needed for the vodka to mature before I shared the recipe, I decided to divide the article into two parts, and this second part will be a little taste review. Having strained the vodka through a clean tea towel (I didn't have a cheese cloth at hand, which would otherwise be ideal) and thus gotten rid of the majority of the fat floating about in it, the bacon vodka actually looked quite appetising.
The smell wasn't as bacony as I had hoped, however, and still retained a lot of that cheap-vodka undertone, but it does get better as you learn to ignore the vodka and pick up more and more of the bacon smell. I'm sad to say that the taste was utterly disappointing - packed with charcoal! Why oh why did I decide to barbecue my bacon instead of frying it?! I could tell it would have been much nicer with normal fried bacon, but the bacon taste was almost completely covered up by a veil of not very pleasant smoke in my case. Ah well, I'm still convinced that the idea and recipe is sound so long as you steer clear of the barbecue - I will return at some future date with a new review of a fried bacon vodka, fingers crossed it will be a far more bacony experience.
Bacon Vodka - BottlingBacon Vodka - Served

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