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Chilli Marinated Bacon BLTA day after marinating some lovely smoked bacon in a chilli, ginger & garlic marinade, I decided to fry it all up and use most of it for a delicious BLT. The result was, if I may say so myself, awesome. The ginger and garlic added a bit of extra oomph to the sandwich without taking too much of the spotlight away from the salty smokiness of the bacon. The bread I used was a basic white loaf following a recipe that came with my breadmaker, and was slightly on the denser side of things. I personally would have preferred a slightly airier bread, but hey.




Fry your bacon 'til it's medium-crisp. Meanwhile, spread the mayo evenly onto your two slices of bread, place the tomato on one slice, followed by the bacon, the lettuce, and finally the second slice of bread. Done.Couldn't be any easier, yet so unbelievably delicious - the perfect lunch.

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